Forever Stamps And More

Welcome to  We offer United States Postage Stamps which you can use to beautify your invitations for Weddings, Save-the-Dates, Birthdays, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Graduations, Showers and other Special Event Celebrations making them particularly memorable.

You may also use our specially themed Postage Stamps to brighten your everyday mail destined for a relative, a child in school, a colleague or a special friend.

Many clients purchase our stamps to make themed collages or framed mementos for gifting and decide to keep some of the stamps for their own collections. Besides US stamps, we also offer selected mint stamps from Vatican City, Japan, Canada, Israel and the United States Trust Territories of the Pacific (Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Palau).  The ways to enjoy our beautiful stamps are practically limitless.

The manager of Forever Stamps And More is Frank P. Geiger Sr, who has been involved with postage stamps for over 50 years and has a spotless reputation.  For more information about Frank, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.